Memories: Puttin’ on the Hits

Whenever holidays come around my family likes to mostly talk about memories.  Today they brought up puttin’ on the hits, which is a show they did for 5th and 6th graders where you pick a song that you lip synced too and performed to.  Now I only did this in 6th grade with a few other friends I ate lunch with regularly.  We performed the song “I Feel Pretty” as cave girls of course in a beauty shop like the movie. As much as it was fun we worked really hard on concept dance and of course won (I am a competitive person after all). 

There were parents and students that were super mad (mostly jealous) that we won.  Some of these parents invested lots of money into their kids in the hopes that their children would win.  They spent it on props, choreography and choreography teachers. Though most of our parents were on board helping us with props and my friend’s mom being a dancer.  We didn’t really spend much on props and things.  I think between 5 people we might have spent 200$ tops.

The thing is we were clever and creative, and we were hard workers.  Even the help of my friend’s mom we added input on how we can make it funny, jazz it up, use the stage well.  I think sometimes growing up in a community that parents thought they could buy children’s success, it was good to learn that just because you come from money, hard work and dedication always works out for the better.


Ok I just wanna talk about how beautiful Attack on Titan’s artwork is


I mean look at that


the sky’s so pretty

and the scenery


you can see the waves in the water and the texture of the trees


and you can see all the details on the buildings


the lighting


is just


so perfect

and the animation


is so smooth


and flawless


(Source: forestofbigasstrees)

Travel for the year:

just to keep myself organized

Easter -Cincinnati - 3 days off of work

Memorial day NYC-  - 1/2 day

June 6th Iowa- Family - no days off

Late June Cincinnati- Wedding-  1/2 day

4th of july, Mill Lacs- 2 days off 

August- No travel

Sept- Chicago/Cincinnati no days off

Oct 28th Seattle- Sisters bday!/halloween 1 day off

Nov- Milwalkee- Thanksgiving 1 day off

December Xmas- Cincinnati - 2 days off

Jan - no travel

Feb- Caribbean/Arizona - 4 days off

March - No travel

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